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Confessions of a Co-Sleeper

I’ve decided to write a book about sleep training. It’s clearly all the rage or at the very least it drives people into a rage and it’s bound to sell more copies than the other book I’m writing. I’m going … Continue reading

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Mamamia! (Part 15) – Go on Primaaaa

Hi guys, it has been a while – a flu epidemic mostly got in the way of life and writing. I really hope you like this one – it’s about Prima and the ways in which she is not like … Continue reading

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Termite Control – a long term relationship

Hi guys, In the tradition of the great Hindu epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the Termite Tales are continuing. Here is my latest chapter for Rentokil: I hope you like it. Wishing you a termite-free school holiday, … Continue reading

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