Mamamia! (Part 6)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Hanukkah – Husband did the traditional English roast with all the trimmings on the BBQ no less.  The weather was hot after several weeks of surprisingly London-like rain here. The biggest highlight of Christmas for us was that my brother and his wife had a baby boy on Friday. He is healthy and exquisite and clearly robust enough to handle the physically demanding attention of his four older cousins. 
Wishing you all the very best for 2012 and I hope to see some of you down under.  Here is my latest article that Mamamia has published – please feel free to Comment on it, even just a one liner if you have the time (yes I am still trying to convince them I have a following, even at Christmas when every one is at the beach rather than on the internet….). xxx

About Shankari Chandran

Six years ago we returned home from London to Sydney with our four young children and life has been chaos and comfort chocolate ever since.
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1 Response to Mamamia! (Part 6)

  1. Yve says:

    Readers are at the beach but still enjoying your writing!will try to wrangles my new toy (iPad) to do the mamamia comment…

    Happy new year to you and yours, glad Christmas went well , just , posted some of my easiest and most deceptively impressive holiday recipes from our beta house deck… No complaints here

    X yve

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