Mamamia! (Part 2)

So this morning my cousin took Newborn out so I could:

(a) take a break from Newborn’s marathon of whingeing (with intermittent 100m whinge sprints) – surely Nature could have refined the teething process?; and

(b) send more pieces of writing to Mamamia in a desperate attempt to “be a writer when I grow up”.

This reminded me that I have not added my last Mamamia publication to my blog. By “last” I mean my most recent one, and possibly my last one….

So here it is: Mamamia (Part 2)

Please ignore me as you’ve probably already read it as Everyone’s a Winner Baby, that’s the Truth.



About Shankari Chandran

Six years ago we returned home from London to Sydney with our four young children and life has been chaos and comfort chocolate ever since.
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6 Responses to Mamamia! (Part 2)

  1. Reema says:

    Please don’t say last ……. You write so well….. You have to keep at it……

  2. Sarah says:

    You are suddenly my new best friend as I wrestle with a wriggly 13 month old who just had grommets madly trying to send in my first potential PAID writing piece while coordinating pick up of my three girls from school because the only time I could get a dr appt was EXACTLY WHEN SCHOOL FINISHED….hang in there…we all have to!!

    • duckformationfamily says:

      Are the grommets helping? We tried that on our youngest and although it has improved his ear infections, he still got a couple (I was hoping for an complete end to all of that through the grommets. Sigh).

      It is so lovely to talk to another mummy of many. Congratulations on being PAID. I am very excited for you. I don’t know you but I am very excited for you! Any advice on how I could move from blogging to myself (and a few others) for free to being paid? x

  3. Yve says:

    I only just discovered your pieces on mamamia! Don’t give up now…

    Mother of a now 21 year old law student (who, incidentally I would love to put you in contact with) but your post took me straight back to tears at bedtime.

    As a psychologist I have to teach with the same lessons way into adulthood when mums pretend that the invite just got lost, or the equivalent all the way through childhood/teens etc
    Resilience is something to be so proud of in our kids.

    • duckformationfamily says:

      Yve, thank you so much. I really wish we got trained for this kind of stuff. Forget the breast feeding classes, this is even harder. I am making the sicilian chicken this week, thank you for the recipe! x

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