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Is romance in Ashes?

Last week it was our wedding anniversary. Ten years, four children, 53 stitches and one migration later, we found ourselves back at the Canberra Hyatt, the hotel where husband and I spent our wedding night. A decade ago, we arrived … Continue reading

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Present politics

That¬†Jesus seemed like a great guy. ¬†With his heavy facial hair and strong attachment to his mother, he could just as easily have been Sri Lankan as Israeli. Whatever his ethnic origin, his golden rules of Do Unto Others and … Continue reading

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Things I miss about London (Part 3): Spooks

I should say that watching Spooks from Australia makes me miss London. Spooks will give you a slightly misleading view of London. In Spooks, it never rains, the Northern Line is always working, it is possible to cross the city … Continue reading

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